Relax and Enjoy Your Life More

Give us the opportunity to get what's in need to be done with a sexy Maid to go grocery shopping and run all your errands for you while you sit back, stress free with a clear mind focused on the more important priorities in your life. Clear your mind and let us worry about the to-do list. Divine Maid Services LLC has all of the right minds to do everything on your list on time! We can juggle it all! Just say it and we do it!

*We do not purchase alcohol or tobacco products.
*Uniforms differ between shopping and at-home services.

A Full Fridge Is A Full Stomach

It's always nice to come home to a fridge full of food and not have to worry about the headache of grocery shopping. Relax and let us do it for you! Simply pick the store, provide a list and we'll do the rest! Divine Maid Services LLC also puts your food away leaving you with more time on your hands for
yourself. Please call for more details.

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Performing Errands

Simplify Your Life

Do you have one or more errands to be run? Do they all have to be done at once in multiple places? You've come to the right place! Perhaps you need to pick up or drop off your dry cleaning, or maybe you need to pick up your meditation or drop off a prescription. Divine Maid Services LLC does it all! And it's all for you, all done from one place! Let Divine Maid Services LLC tend to all your needs. Please call for more details.

When you only needed a maid service like us...

Wouldn't you love to have someone to go Christmas shopping for you? Now you can! Divine Maid Services LLC can go Christmas shopping for you! No more waiting in long lines, traffic, and no more spending hours wrapping presents. We do it all! Relax your mind and body and let us worry about the shopping! Please call for more details.


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